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VIP revenue often accounts for 80-95% of total revenue; most companies know their VIP base but don't know how to combine data science and human interaction to generate a definitive upside.

Historically, no VIP CRM system exists in the marketplace that surfaces daily microtransaction opportunities to their team, targeting retention and increasing the customer's value using real-time B2C account management.

Additionally, definitive ROI against your VIP or support operation can be impossible to define without dashboards measuring and reporting the lift.

Cost-into-profit investment is difficult to get without software that surfaces the right work flows to the team members, showing a real-time upside to team leadership.

SurgeROI™ is The first hybrid marketing and VIP Management CRM suite to help you predict & prioritize your VIP outreach cadence:

  • Software that combines data science and human interaction to generate a definitive upside from VIP Management.
  • Data science that uses micro-transactional data and machine learning to surface the right VIPs at the right time to your Account Managers.
  • Comprehensive dashboards that ensure users at all levels can see the impact and upside of VIP Management.
  • Overall, helping with continued funding and expansion of VIP operations based on the system producing a definitive.

Since launching at GDC 2023, our customers love our product and have been asking for more. Additionally, customers need and want direct VIP program consultancy to build or improve their existing VIP operation. With years of experience in architecting VIP programs, the founders at SurgeROI™ are now offering a consultancy service leveraging the power of our VIP CRM tool.

This involves a discovery phase to assess a customer's current VIP offering, skill sets, goals, and measurements, and to provide a robust plan for the build out of a new VIP organization. This can utilize a customer's inhouse resources or we can leverage our BPO partner directly.

A wholistic
life cycle model.

The first step in VIP management is understanding the customer lifecycle for VIPs. We do this by passing data into the SurgeROI™ Lifecycle Modelling program. The program then passes it to our business intelligence program where a multi-dimensional grid is built and baselined. Mapping how these separate dimensions work together to inform a VIPs long term value is key in creating successful VIP treatment recommendations.

After the life cycle is known and the model is locked we begin generating activities for account managers. These activities include VIP treatments from the automated life cycle model. These are all measured and fed back into the learning engine to tweak future treatment recommendations.

Once the model is complete and the account managers are closing the treatment tasks at a consistent pace we can measure the impact. At this stage, working with VIP Program Managers, we identify the ideal account management team size, reassess the reward offerings within the system and review any new insights we have learned about the product or VIP population.

loyal customers.

Sustaining and growing VIP communities has an extraordinary impact on product and corporate revenues. Focusing on just the top tier of a VIP community, often the top 1% outperform the next top 4% combined. Together, this top 5% of VIP customers can contribute over half of gross revenue for some businesses. Along with the remaining VIPs, this population often covers 80% of gross revenue.

Focused attention and investment in this group consistently outperforms other sales or marketing campaigns. Effective and precise VIP management delivers equivalent financial gain as a new product or major feature, without heavy upfront investment. Comparing the impact of traditional upselling or user acquisition, VIP management nets ten-fold the benefit; every new VIP and reactivated VIP is worth thousands more than other customers.

The first hybrid marketing and VIP Management CRM suite to help you predict & prioritize your VIP outreach cadence.

  • Full-featured VIP relationship management toolset
  • Custom life cycle models for each VIP
  • Daily call queues based on evolving data science
  • Real-time upside dashboard
  • Comprehensive productivity dashboards
  • Campaign builder to scale your reach

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