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SurgeROI™ is a VIP CRM system with a built-in strategy that optimizes revenue lift from your VIP base. Our VIP consultancy service is available to fine-tune your resources for higher ROI. Whether you staff inhouse or use our preferred BPO we will ensure you have a healthy projected ROI during the consultancy's discovery phase.


Actionable dashboards.

Boost revenue of your most
valuable customers by at least 6%, guaranteed.

Leverage our data dashboards that surface information at every level in your VIP Organization:
  • Account Manager dashboard analytics
  • 360-degree VIP account view & actionable contacts at the VIP level
  • Team Manager view for productivity and lift performance insight
  • Executive dashboard for VIP population health of treated versus control
  • Real-time lift metrics for ARPU, ARPDAU, and more

True VIP treatment.

Reward and retain
your most loyal customers.


Logic first.

Strategic workflows
built to drive revenue lift.


7% lift, annually.

Get an average 7% lift on treatment versus control with SurgeROI™.

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Simple, robustRobust
VIP management.

SurgeROI™ delivers a full-featured VIP customer relationship management model and tool for lifting transactional spending across prioritized customers. We utilize data from customer sales history and personal information to increase customer investment and loyalty with your company, resulting in a minimum of 3% revenue lift, and often up to 10%.

VIPs pack a powerful punch for baseline revenue, and are the most valuable customer cohort with a powerful influence on gross revenue. A stable and optimized VIP population is an effective and reliable revenue management tool. Our VIP populations contribute up to 90% of total revenue, but make up less than 10% of the customer base. Treating VIPs with data-driven and personalized engagement is a cost effective way to protect current revenue and generate additional revenue lift.

Account Managers.

The SurgeROI™ software is designed to let every Account Manager engage in ways that are most efficient for them. Each AM's daily queue is ranked behind the scenes with a revenue impact score, prioritizing VIPs with higher scores to encourage focus on tasks with the highest impact first.

Account Managers also have the freedom to approach their daily queue however they prefer. They can engage with a VIP in the morning and decide to come back in the afternoon to finish. Or delay and schedule a follow up, creating a custom task for the following day. Whatever the preference, SurgeROI™ supports and cultivates confidence and efficiency in its users.

Smart, data-rich dashboards.

The SurgeROI™ system constantly learns and adjusts treatment suggestions based on behaviour patterns and impact measures. While the data trains the workflow engine, the dashboards inform account managers and administrators of the impact their work is having.

This creates a positive feedback loop, both for the system and for the VIP Management team. Business-level dashboards help inform decisions regarding workforce planning, recommended incentive investments, and other opportunities to lift revenue.

A wholistic
life cycle model.

The first step in VIP management is understanding the customer lifecycle for VIPs. We do this by passing data into the SurgeROI™ Lifecycle Modelling program. The program then passes it to our business intelligence program where a multi-dimensional grid is built and baselined. Mapping how these separate dimensions work together to inform a VIPs long term value is key in creating successful VIP treatment recommendations.

After the life cycle is known and the model is locked we begin generating activities for account managers. These activities include VIP treatments from the automated life cycle model. These are all measured and fed back into the learning engine to tweak future treatment recommendations.

Once the model is complete and the account managers are closing the treatment tasks at a consistent pace we can measure the impact. At this stage, working with VIP Program Managers, we identify the ideal account management team size, reassess the reward offerings within the system and review any new insights we have learned about the product or VIP population.

Average lift is directly attributable to SurgeROI™ VIP Strategy Management, typically resulting in an upside between 3% and 10%.

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